Dixie Cruise Line - Cant get any kind of refund on dinner cruises in lake tahoe


i plan to go cruise at lake tahoe and book for my family they send me a e-ticket for my cruises that cruises is part of my wedding day i went to the address that shows in the e-ticket when we get there we so that the boarding place is empty and saying that there is cancel all dixie cruises.we went back to our hotel and thinking that there cancel i called the next day and ask for refund or rain check or gift card they told me that they cant give refund because they sail that day and is not cancelled they told me that we take a wrong address actually we dont pay attention they put two different address on e-ticket and we take the first address that they put instead of the second address i ask to the ticketing why they have to put two address if we only need the address for dinner cruises that make people confuse to find which one is it any ways they can give us any refund gift card or reschedule any cruises there so smart *** taking others money for doing nothing because that's there policy cant get any cent of our money even we don't use the ticket i pay $420 dollars for nothing.

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Simpson, England, United Kingdom #54905

Christ-I hope you can read better than you can spell

When you get a grasp of the English language you will find that you understand things much better

If they sail, then YOU made a mistake in the booking or date you showed up

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #54891

Well if your reading skills are as poor as your grammar skills you probably did not understand the terms and conditions. It is not their fault you are ***.

Which country do you live in? What country would allow kids your age to get married?

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